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William H. Grey, first Grand Master, Minister and Legislator. 

John H. Johnson, 2nd Grand Master, 1st Grand Patron, Politician. 

J.C. Corbin, 3rd Grand Master, founder of Branch Normal College, now UAPB. 

Moses A. Clark, 4th Grand Master, self-taught lawyer, builder of
Masonic Temple.  Served 25 years. 

Milford Gibbs, member Richmond #2, first Black banker. 

James and Annie Gilliam, brother and sister, Grand Patron and Grand Matron together, educators. 

S.T. Boyd, Grand Master, 1st president of Shorter College. 

J.E. Peake, educator, full time Grand Patron.  Membership grew
from 150 to 10,000 in Order of Eastern Star. 

M.J. Caruth, “Mr. Mason” of Arkansas, first Black to chair the Crime
Commission in Arkansas. 

Otis Hicks, Past Grand Master, first Black JP in Ashley County. 

Mahlon Martin, first Black City Manager in Little Rock. 

Carl E. Hyman, MD, 1st Black to chair the ABC Commission in Arkansas, serving under 5 governors. 

Rodney Slater, first Black Highway Commissioner. 

Charles Bussey, first Black Mayor of Little Rock. 

Cleveland K. Wilson, first Black school board member in Hamburg. 

Howard L. Woods, Past Grand Master, member Arkansas State Police Commission. 


Leroy Brownlee, member of Arkansas Pardons and Paroles. 

Leo Chitman, first Black mayor of West Memphis, Arkansas. 

Curtis B. Adams, Jr., the Secretary of the Arkansas Natural Heritage

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Built in 1902 at cost of over $77,000.00 

Stood at first as tallest building in Pine Bluff 

Served as meeting place for a number of churches and other events 

Served as a basketball court for A M & N (currently known as the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff) college before other gymnasiums were built. 

Served as concert hall for big bands in 20s and 30s. 

Served as annual meeting place for the Prince Hall Masonic Family 

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Master Masons organized in 1873 

Royal Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star (OES) organized in 1885 

Order of the Eastern Star Youth Fraternity organized in 1899 

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons organized in 1890 

Council of Deliberation, AA Scottish Rite, SJ (32nd & 33rd degree Masons) organized in 1950 

Order of the Golden Circle organized in 1950 

Prince Hall Shriners organized Desert Conference in 1950 

Grand Court Heroines of Jericho organized in 1956 & 1973 

Knights of Pythagoras Grand Council (for boys) organized in 1957 & reorganized 1996 

Grand Commandery of Knights Templar organized in 1983 

Heroines of the Templar Crusade organized in 1986 

Pearl of Love Empress of The Galaxy (girls) organized in 1994 

Most Illustrious Monroe Murdock Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters 2017 

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Hon. William H. Grey: 1873-1874 

Hon. John H. Johnson: 1874-1878 

Hon. Joseph C. Corbin: 1878-1881 

Hon. Moses A. Clark: 881-1905 

Hon. S.T. Boyd: 1905-1910 

Hon. John H. Harrison: 1910-1922 

Hon. J.S. Felix: 1922-1933 

Hon. Ellis U. Reed: 1933-1950 

Hon. John Campbell: 1950 

Hon. Willie M. Williams: 1950-1956 

Hon. E.J. Jackson: 1956 

Hon. Solomon Richardson: 1956-1961 

Hon. William R. Jones: 1961-1971 

Hon. Otis Hicks: 1971 

Hon. L.W. Williamson: 1971- 1973 

Hon. Horace J. Evans: 1973 -1982 

Hon. Howard L. Woods: 1982-2005 

Hon. Cleveland K. Wilson: 2005-Present