The closing charge
prince hall

My brethren, the hour has come for our departure from this sacred retreat, and we must once again, mingle with an outside world, a world that may or may not be friendly.  Yet, it is incumbent upon us as Free and Accepted Masons of the Prince Hall Masonic  Family, to show friendliness where there is unfriendliness; to show love, where there may be hate; to show understanding where there may be intoleration and misunderstanding.

While we are at refreshment, let us remember that the banner of Prince Hall Masonry still cover us, and our Lodge will be gauged by our actions; our fraternity will be judged, not by our finest leaders, but by our worst members.  Therefore, let us show stability in our weakest moments; let us show strength in our greatest adversity; and let us remember the vows that we took to uphold the principles of Prince Hall Masonry.

While we are away from our mother Lodge, let us unite in friendship, with that greater family that awaits us in the outside world.  While we are not meeting in secrecy and brotherly love, let us spread that broad mantle of charity, not only to our brethren, but also to those that come within the length of our cable-tow.  While we are away from the Two Lines Parallel, let the teachings of the Two Saint Johns co-mingle with the blessings of the Grand Architect of the Universe, and make us fit material for that Celestial Lodge where peace and joy shall reign forever.

Then, for now, my brethren, let us clasp hands and bid each other adieu, and pray that this circle of friends will meet again, and it is in this handshake, this grip, that we transmit the message of Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love.