The Other side of the star

When it comes to accusing Masons of ‘worshipping the Devil’, there is no other Masonic emblem more widely used to make a point against the Masonic Fraternity than the Eastern Star, or the Cabalistic Star.  It has been said that the two points sticking upwards represents the horns of the goat, the so-called official emblem of Satanic worship.  Let us look, not only at the goat, but also at the other side of the Cabalistic Star, and see how God, in His infinite wisdom, has taken some so-called ‘goats’ and turned them into sheep, the sheep that begat the Lamb, with a capital L.


The goat is a domesticated animal, used in Biblical times for the following:

  1. Food:  Genesis 27:9 – Used as food to gain favor from Isaac by Jacob.
  2. Milk:  Proverbs 27:27 – Used as food per diligence of knowing flocks.
  3. Clothing:  Numbers 31:20 – Hair purified after war with Midianites.
  4. Curtains:  Exodus 26:7 – Used as a covering for the Tabernacle.

Goats were also figuratively used as:

  1. Great Leaders:  Jeremiah 50:8 – Depicted as ‘leaders’ regarding Babylon.
  2. Greek Empire:  Daniel 8:5 – Prophecy understood to be Greece.
  3. Devils:  2 Chronicles 11:15 – Hebrew for goats, after Jeroboam expelled the priests.
  4. Wicked:  Matthew 25:32,33 – Rejected as emblems of false Christians.
  5. Sacrifices:  Exodus 12:5 – Kid goat used for Atonement.

Except for the words, “devils” and “wicked”, the only other references in the above information regarding goats are reasonably good.  Therefore, in number 3 of the second part above, it seems that here is where the goat is given as an emblem of Satan.  However, there is no evil in a goat, treachery yes, but God did not create evilness in an animal as far as I know.

In Leviticus 16, we learn of the Scapegoat, where the High Priest placed both hands on the head of the goat and prayed the sins of the people into the head of the goat, and then sent the goat to an undiscovered country, never to return.  Every Mason knows of riding the goat, but most of the time, the meaning is lost because of the true meaning being lost in the mists of time.

Then too, who has seen a picture of the Devil or Satan?  Who said Satan had two horns and a tail?  These are points to ponder, for my Bible says that God created everything, and in everything there is a purpose.


The word star is first found in Genesis 1:16, where the star is created after the sun and the moon.  Therefore, it is a third source of light.  Stars are planets, yet we have given them points, as in the Star of Fellowship, the Eastern Star, all with five (5) points.  Then we see the Mogen David, the Star of David or the Shield of Solomon with six (6) points.  Both stars are Masonic Emblems whether five (5) points or six (6) points.

The five pointed star, in Masonic Circles is called a Star of Fellowship, as all Masons know.  It is in an upright position, called a Generative Star, representing the male species.  In its explanations, it gives the individual Mason the duties he owes to his fellowman, and his responsibilities as a Mason.  They are basic duties that every individual can follow without material injury to himself or family.  It also represents the relationships one may have with another:

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Brother
  4. Ruler
  5. Friend

The Eastern or Cabalistic Star is a Passive Star, a receptacle if you please, one to be a companion to the Generative Star.  It is in an inverted position to differentiate between the Passive and the Generative Stars.

The emblem of the Eastern Star is of various colors, representing all the colors of Freemasonry, except Purple and Black.  The journey through the star is called traveling the labyrinth, another way of saying that you travel by a way you know not, and have to be led by a Sister later found to be a friend.

The colors are Blue, for Friendship, for greater love has no man that he who lays down his life for a friend; Yellow (Gold) for old age, as in widow, the only true woman to work in church (1 Timothy 5:1-16) if she is at least 60 years old.  White, for wife, a color of innocence and purity, an emblem of a contrite heart; Green for the everlasting life we seek after resurrection, life after death; Red (Scarlet) is for zeal and vigor, emblematic of that life-giving blood that flows through our veins; also the color of prostitution as we shall see.


Matthew 1:1-17 gives us an interesting Family Tree in the earthly lineage of Jesus the Christ, and we ask that you travel with us to view the Cabalistic Star from ‘the other side’ and ponder the truths that have always been there, but sometimes like a shadow in the night.


Read Genesis 38 to get a more beautiful picture of this woman used by God to build a family.  Hers is one of frustration turned to purpose; of sin turned to salvation; of prostitution gaining forgiveness.  Tamar put it all on the line.

Rahab, the Heroine of Jericho (see Joshua 2)  plied the trade of prostitution on the walls of Jericho.  In the olden days, when you came into a city, the first people and neighborhood you came to were the outcasts, the lower rungs of the ladder.  Such was Jericho with its wall of almost 50 feet wide.

Ruth, a child of incest through her ancestors, Lot and his oldest daughter, whose son became father of the Moabites, the abominations of God.  However, what is sometimes lowered in our eyesight, is raised in esteem by our Creator.  So it was with Ruth, like in “Entreat me not to leave you…”  See the whole book of Ruth.

Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, the Hittite, was a dark hued woman of destiny, a woman that is revered in every Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, in every local chapter, for it is she who is represented by the Worthy Matron, or the Grand Matron.  If she had been Jewish, David could not have sent for her.  Sure, you remember the good ole days when ole massa would go down to the slave quarters.  See 2 Samuel 11:2-27 and read for yourself.  Her name means “Bath” (Daughter) “Sheba” (Oath).  If you look up Sheba, you will find that he is the grandson of Cush through Raamah, all Black folks.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, accused of adultery (Matthew 1:19), but God was in the plan and Joseph did not put her aside.  On the other hand, think of the ridicule the two of them must have faced from family and friends.  As said before, what we view as lower, God sees as highest; what we lower, God exalts.  So it was with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

So, there you have a view from the other side of the star, the side very few preach about, the side most do not want to believe, but scripture is scripture, and it is there for your belief or unbelief.

Yet, consider the Eastern Star, the one that heralded the birth of a Savior; it is one that had to be different, for it moved; it had to be different because it stopped when the Wise Men stopped; it had to be different because it started up again when the Wise Men got up; it had to be different because it went by Jerusalem because that was where the false king lived, teaching us that all great leaders do not live high and lifted up; it had to be different because it finally settled over Bethlehem, meaning House of Bread, and announced to the angels, they to the shepherds, and they witnessed to the poor, the wise men to the rich, and Jesus to the world, Here is the Fairest among thousands, all together lovely.  It is a star to behold, but when you feel small among your peers, consider Tamar; when you are in a strange land, remember Ruth; when you are remembered for what you have been, remember Rahab; when you are falsely accused, remember Bathsheba; when you are meek and lowly, remember Mary.  They’re all on the other side of the Star.