We are Family

We are one!  One in spirit, one in purpose, one in destiny.  We are one because of our common heritage, the Lodge and the Chapter, the Mason and the member of the Order of the Eastern Star.  We are much aware of those that say, “the Eastern Star has no part of Freemasonry, but those are the misguided, following much that is wrongly written, rather than trusting to their own feelings, their own experiences, their own devices.  Too long, we have trusted others for writing our history; too long have we allowed others to say what is or what will be for Black Masonic members.  We are family, men and women, boys and girls, and therefore, let us not be denied!

One must look at what Freemasonry is, before we can say who or what cannot or does not belong to it.  We, as Black folks, steeped in religious training and religious experiences, must look to that which is found on the altars of all Lodges, found on the altar of all Eastern Star Chapters, the Volume of the Sacred Law, the Holy Bible.  In it will we find our answers and not the history books.  There are no true lessons of morality found in these books, but look in the pages of The Book from Genesis to Revelation and you will find meaning, you will find substance; there, you will find the reason for your being, and consequently, the reason for all the houses in Freemasonry.

Therefore, my brethren, if you use the Holy Bible as your basis, then you must use it for the basis for all Freemasonry, for it is well known that you will never understand the Entered Apprenticed degree unless you understand the 33rd degree, and vice versa.  Further, you will not understand the Star of Fellowship, found in the raising of all Master Masons and in some floors of the Lodge Hall, until you understand the passive Eastern Star that guided all wise men to our Elder Brother.  The Book of Ruth is one of the most powerful books in the Bible in explaining the strange relationship found to exist between the Lodge and the Chapter.  Before we go to this illustrious book of the Bible, let us look for a while at another entity that binds the Lodge and Chapter, the Mason and the member of the Eastern Star together, The Colors.

The colors found in the Eastern Star are five, thereby giving us all the colors of Freemasonry except for two, Black and Purple.  Four of the colors, red, yellow, blue and green, are called Psychological Primary Colors.  Of the four, three are Primary colors, red, blue and green, commonly called basic colors.  Of these three, one is called the True Color, Blue.  Hence, the phrase, True Blue.  The last color found in the star, called a Cabalistic Star, is White, which is called an achromatic ‘zero base’ color having no hue.  Black is the other color so described, and between the black and white, all the hues of gray.

Colors are vastly used in sound-waves and are so numbered, giving a score of 267 different shades of colors recognized by science.  Therefore, we can see these colors as communication in our fraternity, yet, it is only briefly that we touch upon them.  It is possible that we should look further into the colors of the order for more light.  The Bible gives the meanings of these colors thusly:

  1. White – Glory and Majesty – Daniel 7:9
    Purity and Glory – Revelation 1:14
    Victory – Revelation 6:2
    Completion – John 4:35
  2. Black – Sorrow and Calamity – Joel 2:6
    Hell – Jude 13 (whole chapter)
  3. Green – Spiritual Privilege – Jeremiah 11:16
    Spiritual Life – Psalms 52:8; Psalms 92:12-15
  4. Red – God’s Wrath – Psalms 75:8
    Atonement – Isaiah 63:2
    Persecution – Revelation 12:3
    Drunkenness – Proverbs 23:29
    Sinfulness – Isaiah 1:18
  5. Purple – Royalty – Judges 8:26
    Wealth – Luke 16:19
    Luxury – Revelation 17:4
  6. Blue – Divine Revelations – Exodus 24:10
    Heavenly Character – Exodus 28:31

Scarlet is of special interest as it is another name of red:

  1. Tabernacle – Exodus 26:1, 31, 36
  2. Identification – Genesis 38:28, 30
  3. Royalty – Matthew 27:28
  4. Prosperity – 2 Samuel 1:24
  5. Conquest – Nahum 2:3
  6. Deep Sin – Isaiah 1:18

Yellow is called a Subtractive Primary Color because of its colors subtracted from the color orange which comes from red.  Long associated with gold because of gold being subtracted from the ground and is precious.

The colors red, yellow and green, long accepted as Shrine colors, are found in our rainbow of covenant given by God to man, two (2) psychological colors and one (1) subtractive color (yellow).  White was also Mohammed’s favorite color.  These colors are produced from ‘fire’ and ‘water’ two elements that when colors pass through, produce a prismatic effect or spectral effect.

Now that we have the colors, let us look to Ruth, the great Book of Love found in the Old Testament.

As Master Masons, we are charged to take care of widows and orphans, and Ruth was a widow, a young one, but still a widow, and because of her station in life, we are charged to take care of her and all her descendants.  ‘Nuff said!  Yet, consider the following found in Ruth:

  1. Distinct connection between Master Mason and Heroine of Jericho (Rahab).
  2. The coming together of two houses (families), Abraham and Lot though Boaz and Ruth (Two-headed eagle).
  3. The binding of a candidate (taking off left shoe).
  4. “Rise, follow your conductor, and fear no danger.”  (Ruth in following Naomi.)
  5. Gleaning by Ruth and Naomi (bread and water of Poor Pilgrim Knights Templar).
  6. Worshipful Master’s position (Boaz in place of Mahlon).
  7. And on and on, and on.

Therefore, my brethren, as explained on the sheet regarding the human body, the Eastern Stars are part of us, for better or worse, and without them, we are no longer a family.  There would be no unity of purpose, no unity of direction, no unity of destiny.   The Grand Master can get along without the Grand Lodge if necessary; the Lodge can get along without the Chapter, if necessary; the Mason can get along without the member of the Order Eastern Star, if necessary.  But since it’s not necessary, let’s don’t even think about it!

We are one, we are family!