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Lodges are the "branches" of a society, as of Freemasons.  The Lodge Hall is the building where such a society meets.  An assemblage of brothers meeting to practice the ancient art of Masonry is authorized by a charter or warrant empowering them to work.  Masonry is NOT a secret society in that its meeting places are openly marked, telephone numbers and address locations are published.  Articles on the subject as well as events, both open and closed to the uninitiated, are published in newspapers and occasionally advertised on television.  Membership rosters are also listed.  But because its structure and teachings have remained a mystery to many, some have sought to unfairly label it due to personal misconceptions.  Just as a musical score is a secret to one who cannot read, it also is a secret to one that is ignorant, as science is to one that will not relate factually.  So it is that Masonry is a secret to the uninitiated.  Lodges provide the training and education for a better way of life and oneness with the Creator.  Lodges are not social clubs or satanic cults, on the contrary, they are to be just the opposite. It is a place where men can learn and grow together in the harmony that should exist among all creatures and with the peace that should abide within every heart of innocence and humility to God.

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